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Indap will work only where purchase order written by mail or mobile is provided.

Indalp reserves the right to:

Change or delete any part of the website or any part (temporarily or permanently) without notice. Indalp will not be liable to you for any such change or removal.
Change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and after any change, your continued use of the Website will be considered as acceptance of such change.
Indalp service TC as:

Website Design:-
However, every effort will be made to ensure that the website and any work done by us are free of errors, but do not accept responsibility for any damage done due to the destruction of Indalp, website or any part of it. Can do. Web server, website, graphics and any programming code remains the property of Indalp until all outstanding accounts are paid. Any work undertaken by Indalp (unless specifically agreed), the copyright of Indalp remains and remains commercially reproduced or resold with the permission of Indalp.
Indalp can not take responsibility for any copyright infringement due to the content submitted by the client.
In short, any added insertion will be done at the discretion of Indalp and where there is no fee created for such couples, by the infotech, Indalp does not accept any responsibility to ensure that this kind of joint error Are free and reserve the right to charge a certain amount for them. There is no improvement in these or further joints.
Indalp will not be liable for the loss of earnings, compensation or earnings due to the actions done by the client or actions made by any appointed agent.
Indalp will not be liable for the loss of earnings, compensation or earnings due to the non-availability of the site, its servers, software, or any content provided by its agents.
Database, Application and E-Commerce Development:-
Indalp can not take responsibility for any harm done with the use of any software created for the client. While every care has been taken to ensure a free and precise problem, the ultimate responsibility is with the client to ensure that all software is working properly before use.
Where applications or sites are developed on servers not provided by Indalp, then the client is expected to provide any information, additional software, support or assistance related to the server necessary to develop properly . Where large applications are to be developed, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide a suitable test environment which is similar to the final production environment.
Expect to test any application or programming related to the site developed by Indalp before the client is usually available for use. Where to find “bugs”, errors or other problems after the site is live, Visual Infotech attempts (but are not obliged) to correct these issues to meet the standards of work mentioned in brief.
Website Hosting:-
Hosting is an annual fee which must be paid in advance for the whole year. Except that the customer is subject to one of our maintenance packages.
Time is the responsibility of the customer to renew the hosting, i.e. Before the expiration date Renewal failure in time can cause loss of files, data, email, backup etc. All are disabled or deleted from unpaid hosting servers.
Seven business days must be paid before the end date of all renewal. Indalp will not be responsible for issues related to late payment.
Hosting is shared on a shared and non-shared server that is hosted through third party providers. Worldwide Indalp ensures the best for our ability to ensure that our systems and servers are protected from hackers, viruses, intruders and other online and offline problems, although such a situation does not hold us accountable for any disruption of the services. Will go.
The client is responsible for the activity of any script or email services created entirely by the hosting service provided by the hosting service and the hosting service. The customer should maintain the security of all account passwords and applications or scripts and ensure that all scripts are free from malicious content under the hosting service which may harm any part of the server, hosted other client accounts Or external system content of hosted visitors.
Due to the malware attack, Indalp reserves the right to remove files on the hosting service without any prior notice.
The hosting cancellation request should be sent in writing or a month before the end of the email. Once the hosting has been renewed, it can not be canceled and should be paid for the entire year.
If the hosting is not paid before the hosting date and is not renewed. We reserve the right to disable hosting and all related services including email and DNS records. Additional fees will apply to re-enable hosting. Indalp will not be responsible for any loss of data, files, emails, backups, restoration costs etc.
If a hosting has been canceled / disabled, then all files, emails, databases and backup clients will be removed from the server without any notification.
Domain Register:-
All domain registrations and upgrades have to be paid in advance.
The disruption to the service and the loss of the domain can result in the loss of a domain.
If a domain term ends due to non-payment / late payments, then the Indalp will not be responsible worldwide. All payments must be made by seven business days before the expiration date.
It is the customer’s responsibility to renew our domain name with us.
All invoices and outstanding balance must be fully paid before leaving the requested domain name.
Indalp worldwide domain is in a common pool account and therefore can not access its domain control panel.
Package proposal packages in coordination with third party providers Changes in the rules and policies of third party providers can ultimately affect the services or terms and conditions that we provide.
All prices quoted in the Indian Rupee are included, including GST / excluding GST, depend on pacakge and discuss with clients.
All invoices are to be processed according to schedule through your preferred payment method.
A surcharge fee is charged for payment made through online intenet banking or payment wallets.
Landmark pay should be made within 5 business days of each milestone / schedule, unless mutually agreed otherwise. The last payment should be made before the website / application / project goes live.
Receipt of payment is understood as acceptance of quote, milestone, distribution, project and terms and conditions.
Worldwide Indalp keeps the right to negotiate and refund a fair share of the amount paid to the service requested by the customer. If you cancel your order after making a payment, but the work has not started, we will refund 75% of the payment you have already made. If the order has been canceled after the commencement of work, the maximum refund or fee will be 50% of the invoice. If more than 50% work is called cancellation, then no refund or adjustment will be done. All cancellations must be received in writing and sent through regular mail, email or fax. Telephone requests on cancellation will not be accepted.
For a minor or for work, payments must be made in advance or in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the invoice / offer. If you need any changes to the Terms, you should be notified in writing (email is accepted) within two business days of its receipt.
Late Fees and Charges: All outstanding invoices will be charged late payment of 10% of the pending amount and administration fee of $5.50 per month from the due date.
Due Date: Is the date on which the invoice / offer is paid as per the conditions.
Outstanding Invoices: An invoice is considered outstanding if payment is still due 14 days after expiry of the due date.
Debt Collection: To pay invoices, customer is provided 7 months after the late payment fee is applied. As a result of failure to pay, the outstanding amount will be referred to the debt collector. Worldwide Indalp will not be liable for any costs or charges associated with collection of outstanding amount. Any fees associated with the recovery of the outstanding amount (debt collector, administration fee, legal fees) will be referred to the client for processing.
If you are late with the payment or have any questions about the invoice, please contact the Account Manager immediately after receiving the invoice or reminder email.
All communications / correspondence is usually done via email. This is the customer’s responsibility to keep us updated with our relevant email address.
Any payment related to the domain name registration renewal or the hosting or any third party products or services purchased on behalf of the client should be fully paid and can not be refunded. In the case of all renewal cancellations, we must be notified at least 30 days before the renewal date.
Worldwide Indalp usually creates and tests websites / applications on our own servers or hosted domains. On the full payment of all invoices and outstanding balance, the website / application will be transferred to the named third party server.

Please note that “Indalp Corporation” Worldwide reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.